Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Review

I super love this mat by Hugger Mugger – as it has great texture and the extra padding protects knees.

Approximate cost of this Earth Element Mat is around $80, is made from biodegradable and non toxic TPE.

This particular mat has closed cell construction, hence does not retain any fluid inside the mat fiber. Therefore this prevents any mold and mildew buildup.

I purchased the midnight blue 10mm thickness hugger Mugger mat and don’t find it be too thick, plus they are available in sky blue and violet shade as well.

Do you want to practice some hot yoga or are you a person who sweats a lot, then this yoga mat is perfect for you.

One thing I noticed is that it has great grip power and don’t lose my footing, which is perfect for trying out various asanas. Another great feature is its biodegradable and is an apt product for yogis who are eco-conscious.

They are not made with any ozone depleting material such as PVC or rubber. If you don’t do yoga regularly, you can use this Hugger Mugger Mat for some floor exercises or Pilates.

When compared to other yoga mats, this one’s extremely lightweight and feels a little softer.

The only downside is its price and is more than the regular price tag. Of course, you need to shell out extra bucks to purchase a bio-degradable yoga mat.

Its worth the price, as it is recyclable, decomposable and toxic free. In short, am extremely happy with this purchase!!

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