Hugger Mugger Eco Rich 74 Review

 With the help of Hugger Mugger Eco Rich 74, move one step ahead in your exercise and yoga regime.

This is perfect for studio or home use, and this redefines your workout space. Further to that, plant based oils have been generously used to create these mats.

This sets it apart from standard PVC yoga mats, and we see that this Eco Rich mat has super soft and sticky surface. They weigh about 2.6lbs; its dimensions are 1/8” thickness and 24” x 74” size.

We tried out restorative floor exercises on it and it works wonders. Due to its sticky feature, it’s apt for meditation, Pilates and stretching.

If you are looking out for quality product yet do not want to bust your bank account, then you can purchase it around $30. Then other regular yoga mats, this is slightly thicker and has a smooth surface.

Even if you find any sweat stains on it, we were able to wipe it off with damp cloth. You won’t be sliding off while shifting between various yoga poses.

If you are an avid yogi, then this mat will suit your needs. We are satisfied with this yoga mat’s cushion, grip and lightness.

The absorbent microfiber also sucks up sweat and provides extra comfort. Hugger Mugger Eco Rich 74 are available in just one shade, of course we can deal with that for such a comfy yoga mat.

Oh, antimicrobial additive is an important component in this mat that stops mildew formation.

If you want to focus on your yoga, then get this one!!

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