Hugger Mugger Gallery Collection Review

Hugger Mugger Gallery Collection Yoga Mats are beautiful, and functional as well, so yeah double bonus.

These are limited edition prints and these designs were crafted by local Utah artist. Not all of us need some Zen quote or lotus print on it.

We checked out all the five designs and find them unique and interesting. If you are wondering about the price, it costs around $29.95 and we bet it’s an affordable rate for such a gorgeous mat.

We observed that, it wicks away sweat and moisture so it’s more suited for classic yoga sessions.

Its dimensions are 68″ x 24″ x 1/8″ and easy to keep all your power yoga moves within the mat as its spacious. We love the fact; it weighs just 2.4 pounds and is made of lightweight material.

Hugger Mugger Gallery Collection has a comfortable surface, and we tried out the prolonged headstand. We say its just Awesome!!

If you have major knee issues, then you may have to pad it up to get into knee down poses. We think that’s only the downside of this yoga mat. We tried it on the wooden floor, and does provide ample cushioning for your hands and knees.

We were thoroughly impressed with the sturdy grip it boasted as well its durability.

You can use the diluted sprintz to clean the Hugger Mugger Gallery Collection Yoga Mats.

In short, it offers excellent practice surface, along with great absorption and traction and splendid graphic designs. Start using these beautiful yoga mats, and inspire your practice.

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