Hugger Mugger Nature Collection Ultra Yoga Mat Review

Might be a dealbreaker for Ashtanga Yoga, because of potential slipperyness.

Pretty colors, and lines on mats may help with body alignment during practice.

May be experienced as stiff.

Length / width: 68″ by 24″

Thickness: 1/4″

Weight: 2.5lbs

Colors: Evergreen (green), Flame (orange), Ocean (blue)

Texture: Polymer Environmental Resin

Price: $38

Our opinion about the Nature Collection Ultra


Price is pretty decent, kinda sticky surface, pretty thick mat, pretty colors, easy to break in.


Might be slippery.

Suited for outdoor use?

No, not recommended.

Suited for all allergies?


Suited for travel?


Slip vs. no slip?

Pretty slippery, overall.

What about break in period?

There’s not a long break-in period, for this mat.

How to get it ready for use?

Break it in, by washing it before use, and you should be good to go, in most cases.

How does it smell?

Pretty decent.

How does it they lay when on the ground?

It tends to be a bit slippery, but has a ‘cushy’ feeling to it, which may feel nice.

Sweat proof?

Not really.

Suited for what types of yoga?

Gentle yoga practices.

Main mat / support mat?

Support mat.

Where to buy?

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