Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Review

At 3mm thick and weighing about 2.6lbs, the Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute is the cushiest and the lightest yoga mat out there in the market. Actually, to appreciate its virtues, you need not be a yoga pro.

The width and the length of this yoga mat is 24” X 68”; we are totally fine with the dimensions.

We have picked up this mat because, it’s made of jute and is completely free of PVCs, toxic materials and latex. Those of you who develop skin sensitivity to other mats; then Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute yoga mat is perfect for you.

We love its rough texture, and the stellar stability it offers, so one needs to focus on their yoga pose rather than be bothered about your feet sliding around.

After each use, its pretty easy to clean as closed-cell technology has been used to manufacture this yoga mat.

We tried out various asanas especially the Anjaneyasana and the Ustrasana which puts more pressure on the knees, this mat gives you the right amount of grip and support.

At $36.84, when compared to other eco-friendly yoga mats, this is easy on your wallet. A small tidbit here, “Sattva” in Sanskrit means pure.

Plus, less odor than regular mats, yet some of you may not prefer the natural fibers present in the mat.

We searched a lot to get an affordable mat without it being a PVC wasteland and would provide better grip during my yoga practice.

Found it! For these particular reasons, we recommend Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute for you.

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