Hugger Mugger Ultimate Comfort Review

If you are passionate about your yoga classes, then Hugger Mugger Ultimate Comfort is a cool investment.

The mat is roughly 27 inches wide, 72 inches long and 3/8” thick. Nowadays, most of the yoga classes are undertaken inside heated studio, so we wanted a mat which offers better grip under any sweaty conditions. Besides that, it’s soft and is quite durable.

This is especially designed for Pilates and high intensity yoga sessions. We can tell that this particular mat is of top quality material and will last longer.

You have to shell out $99.49 to purchase this ultra-durable, Phthalate free and eco-friendly mat. Ouch!! we find it pricey but worth it as its memory foam technology reduces impact and injury.

Most of the workout mats are flimsy, this one is thick making it easy on your knees, elbows and wrists. However weighing about 6.5 lbs, this yoga is not light and we are skeptical about using it as a travel mat.

Smooth texture and anti-grip is fabulous. Even while using the mat with bare feet; it does not slide out as it stays in place.

Slight odor is present when unpacking the Hugger Mugger Ultimate Comfort mat; we find it was gone after an hour.

You can roll it up easily and hang it even on a closet door. Since the mat is thick, it does make a difference, when placing it on a concrete floor.

Those who desire fitness and comfort, this yoga mat is one long lasting investment!!

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