Manduka Eko Mat 5mm Review

We spent a lot of time in finding the top quality eco-friendly mat.

Some of our criteria were toxic free, 100% bio-degradable, slip resistant, durable and strictly no PVCs.

Finally, Maduka eko mat 5mm came out on top as the winner. This one’s sticky, sturdy and I feel refreshed when I use it.

These mats are made from natural tree rubber, however Amazon trees are not harvested to create them. Moreover they are devoid of harmful chemicals, foaming agents, harmful dyes and glues. Plus, in any landfill it will decompose gradually, that also implies you should not leave the mat exposed to different weather conditions for too long. S

o all those factors are noteworthy and we are super delighted to use it.

You can log in to their website to purchase Manduka eKo mat 5mm for $88 USD in an array of colors.

At 7 lbs, its heavy for it be considered as convenient travel mat.  Its dimensions are 71” x 26”; 5 mm thick and you need to worry if it will stretch out of shape due to it reliable closed cell surface.

We see that one does not have to break it in, as this yoga mat does not have that unpleasant slippery layer on it.

When you lay this mat out, the edges don’t curl and it never slips, that’s definitely a strong positive feature.

You can practice some vigorous yoga like hot vinyasa, ashtanga on Manduka eKo mat 5mm. This heavy duty mat is the best and totally worth it.