Manduka LiveOn Kids Yoga Mat Review

Today, we are totally excited to get to your attention: the most durable Manduka LiveOn kids yoga mat.

You see some lovely designs on the mat and your kids will love it. We were keen on getting a mat which was flexible and lightweight; this particular mat suits that description.

From a child’s perspective, animal prints are eye catchy and suitable to practice yoga on it. We were surprised that this mat does not have any smell whatsoever. And this is an added advantage for little tots, plus the yoga mat is from sustainable PLUSfoam.

It’s overall dimensions are 60″long x 24″ wide; with 4 mm thickness.

This 4mms thickness offers ample support and the kids will have soft landing if they were to trip and fall during their yoga session. This PLUSfoam is completely different from the chemical laden foams, and is a sustainable resource – eco friendly bonus!

If your child is susceptible to severe or mild allergic reactions to latex, then we know for sure that Manduka LiveOn kids yoga mat is a perfect fit, as it’s devoid of any latex laden materials.

You can be at ease, as this mat is non-slippery and has a firm grip, thereby reduces the impact of a slip and fall.

Apart from that, you can use this mat for picnics, naps, yoga or any other play.

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to purchase the Manduka LiveOn kids yoga mat.

So to sum it up, your kids will adore the pretty prints, while we like its eco-friendly features.