Manduka Prolite yoga mat review

In this review, I’ll share with you what we’ve found while experimenting with this yoga mat.

And here are some of our findings:

  • There’s a standard version, and a long version.
  • The prolite is a thinner version of the Pro.
  • It can be hard and seems to be slippery.
  • It maintains its color pretty well
  • “High performance in lightweight form”
  • Lifetime guarrantee


Length / width (standard): 71″ by 24″

Length / width (long): 79″ by 24″

Thickness (standard): 5mm

Weight (standard): ?

Colors (standard): >10, ranging from caramel brown, to fortitude red, to lorato green.

Texture (standard): Tacky.

Price (standard): between $60 and $80.

Our opinion about the Prolite


Beautiful color, thick-ish material. Pretty heavy, but not so heavy that you can’t take it with you while traveling.


It can be slippery, so you might need to use a towel. This might go on for an extended amount of time. Seems to come from the coating of the mat.

Especially slippery in positions like the downward dog.

You can try to break it in, rub it in with sea salt, or use vinegar.

Suited for outdoor use?

Not really suited for outdoors, we would say.

Suited for all allergies?


Suited for travel?


Slip vs. no slip?

It definitely seems to slip a decent bunch. Usually it becomes less slippery, 10 minutes into the session.

What about break in period?

There’s a very long break in period, and even after that, there are better options if you’re looking to buy a Manduka.

How to get it ready for use?

Break it in.

How does it smell?

Pretty decent. A ‘new-ish’ smell once you open it and start using it, but after a session or 2 it seems to be great to work with. No funky smells, as far as we can tell.

Sweat proof?


Suited for what types of yoga?

Hatha, mainly. Not recommended for hot yoga, and similar types.

Main mat / support mat?

Hmmmm, we’d say it can be either or.

Where to buy?