Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Mat Review

We found that there are two versions of the Manduka Black Mat Pro.

There is a standard version, which weighs 7.5 pounds, or 3.4 KG.

It’s 71″ by 26″, or 180cm by 66 cm.

And it’s 6mm thick.

Then there’s an extra long version that weighs 9.5 pounds, or 4.3 KG.

It’s 85″ by 26″, or 215cm by 66cm.

The extra long version is made for people who need or like more room, and it’s also 6mm thick.

Both have a closed cell surface, in order to keep the sweat from seeping into the yoga mat. This also helps prevent bacteria from breeding, and is ideal for yoga classes where we might sweat a lot.

It also handles joint protection, and one thing we noticed was that we think we can use this mat on any type of surface.

I.e. outside, on concrete, on grass, on the living room floor, etc.

An interesting note: the manufacturer, or the brand itself, claims that the product improves with use, over time.

Our opinion


We like the way it feels, and the fact that it’s OEKO-TEX certified.

It is one of the more expensive mats.

Suited for outdoor use?


Suited for all allergies?


Suited for travel?

Maybe. It’s a bit heavy, and if you’re traveling a lot, you might want to pick another one.

Slip vs. no slip?

It’s anti-slip.

What about break in period

There is a break in period, and the yoga mat improves over time.

How to get it ready for use

You wash it, and start using it.

How does it smell

It smells a bit rubbery.

How does it they lay when on the ground?


Sweat proof?


Suited for what types of yoga?

Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga.

Main mat / support mat?

Main mat!

Where to buy?