Pranamat Eco Natural Review


Therapeutic massage mat, approved by FDA, improves circulation, relieves back and neck pain, made from organic products, may fall asleep while using 😉


May feel painful, because of the texture.

Length / width: 295″ by 39″

Thickness: 1″

Weight3.5 pounds

Colors: Natural & Lavender, Natural & Turquoise, Natural & Orange

Texture: Soft, with hard, sharp objects that act as the therapeutic aspect.

Price: Starts at $120

Our opinion about the Eco Natural

Suited for outdoor use?

No, this is best used inside.

Suited for all allergies?

Yes, it seems so.

Suited for travel?

Yes, you can take it with you.

Slip vs. no slip?

It doesn’t slip.

What about the break in period?

Easy to use.

How to get it ready for use?

Just unpack it, and voila, it should be ready to use, in most cases at least.

How does it smell?

Great, no strange smells.

How does it they lay when on the ground?

We have to get used to it, because of the specific structure / texture.

Is it sweat proof?

Hmm, not really suited for heavy sweating, we think.

Suited for what types of yoga?

It’s not really for yoga, more for after a hard day of work.

Main mat / support mat?

Main mat.

Where to buy?